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Until 25 Aug 2024

Viviane Sassen

PHOSPHOR:Art & Fashion 1990-2023

PHOSPHOR: Art & Fashion 1990-2023 will shed light on Viviane Sassen's creative process by focusing on two main themes: the importance of intimacy in her work and an incessant search for new photographic forms, reflecting her complex relationship with the image, oscillating between contemplation and exuberance, interior and exterior, highlighting the ambiguity inherent in the representation of reality.

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Leila , 2019 © Viviane Sassen

29 Mar 2024 — 16 Jun 2024

Sabrina Ratté


Through four videos and four sculptures, the latest art series "Inflorescences" by Canadian artist Sabrina Ratté take viewers into a hypothetical future where plants, mushrooms and unknown creatures coexist with abandoned objects by humans, challenging the traditional understanding of the boundaries between technology and nature with a unique artistic perspective.

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Inflorescences l_02, 2023 © Sabrina Ratté  Canada


Until 30 Jun 2024

Go With the Flow

Curated by Victoria Jonathan, Go With the Flow presents the works of photography and video from five artists —— Zhuang Hui, Chen Qiulin, Michael Cherney, Sui Taca, Cheng Xinhao. Through photography, they all bear witness to the transformations of the landscape in recent decades, between realism and poetry, between the representation of the river and the exploration of their own subjectivity.

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Sui Taca, Odes - Goddess in the River, 2011

Until 4 Aug 2024

Cooper & Gorfer


In Sirens, Cooper & Gorfer create a fictitious tribe of women in different states of transformation. Birthed from a library of female bodies and rituals, the artists reconstruct a mythological dynasty inspired by the transformative powers of immortal goddesses, their use of power, magic, and vengeance.

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Satoko Arms, 2022 ©️Cooper & Gorfer

Dine & Drink

We celebrate food and drinks as part the immense pleasure of life. We have already three key areas serving creative dishes and cocktails, cafés and gelato.

Exterior of Fotografiska Museum Shanghai

Inspiring new perspectives

Welcome to Fotografiska – a space for exciting visual art, a forum for discourse, and a destination for world-class food and beverage experiences. Fotografiska is open late every day, allowing you to explore the captivating world of visual culture at your own leisure. Located in the center of Shanghai and overlooking the Suzhou river, Fotografiska Shanghai is an ideal destination for a relaxed discovery of this new emerging Shanghai art district.

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